The Rise of AI Video Generation: 8 Tools Creating Synthetic Media - (May 2023)

One exciting new frontier for AI is generating synthetic media, including images, audio, and video. AI technologies like generative adversarial networks or GANs..

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Artificial intelligence has achieved significant milestones in recent years with continued progress in natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning. One exciting new frontier for AI is generating synthetic media, including images, audio, and video. AI technologies like generative adversarial networks or GANs have enabled AI systems to create realistic synthetic visuals that appear human-made.

Several companies are pioneering the use of AI for commercial video generation.  

In this article we will list 8 AI video generation tools and companies creating synthetic media and how it typically works in three stages:

1. Gathering raw data.

AI systems require massive amounts of data to learn from, such as YouTube clips, movies, TV shows, photos, etc. The more data used to train the AI, the more realistic and detailed the synthetic videos appear.

2. Analyzing and modeling the data.

AI algorithms process the data to detect patterns, understand the underlying structure (i.e. objects, scenery, human poses and motions), and build a model that can emulate it. Computer vision analyzes visual components, natural language processing focuses on speech, and GANs generate new data matching the inputs.

3. Generating new videos.

Once trained, the AI utilizes its neural networks and models to synthesize new footage frame-by-frame. AI generators can create videos from scratch by imagining realistic scenes and characters. They can also modify existing footage by transferring objects or people between video clips or generating missing frames to adjust playback speed. The AI stitches elements together and smoothes them into coherent, compelling footage.


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Coming up with innovative new ideas for your marketing or social videos can be a challenge. is an AI-based video idea generator designed to spark your creativity and provide a constant source of fresh, unique video content inspiration. Fliki uses state-of-the-art machine learning models trained on hundreds of thousands of videos, films, TV shows, stories, and other media to suggest new concepts, settings, characters, themes, scenes, shots or any other element you specify.

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Taking you from zero to fully produced videos, with the power of AI.

The key benefits of Shuffll include:

• Automated video editing powered by AI to simplify and speed up the creation process. Upload your footage and get an edited video in minutes.
• AI optimized for different social platforms. Get a video tailored for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more.
• Customization options to adjust the AI's edits as preferred. Make the video your own with additional tweaks.
• Backed by machine learning technology from leading engineers in AI. Shuffll's algorithms leverage state-of-the-art computing to handle complex video editing tasks.
• A more engaging and impactful viewing experience. Shuffll's AI generates videos with effects, transitions, syncing and pacing for maximized entertainment and shareability.
• Democratizing access to powerful AI. Shuffll aims to make innovative machine learning available to video creators and marketers of all levels. No expertise required.
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Pictory is an artificial intelligence tool that provides video creators with endless inspiration. Pictory's AI brainstorms unique video topics, plots, scenes, characters, and more based on your input keywords and phrases. Whether you need fresh ideas to get started or want to add an unexpected twist, Pictory sparks your creativity with AI-generated suggestions.Though Pictory's AI cannot make a complete video, it activates your imagination. Pictory aims to change how we create by combining human skill and judgment with artificial creativity. With Pictory as your automated co-pilot, you'll never run out of content and can produce more videos in less time. - Full Demo

#4. Deepbrain AI

The AI video generator tool by Deepbrain allows you to instantly create realistic AI-powered videos with minimal effort. You just need to provide a basic text script and the AI will generate a professional video in 5 minutes or less. Using Deepbrain's tool involves 3 simple steps:

1. Choose a starter template or use your own to get started.
2. Enter your script by typing, copying and pasting text.  The AI will automatically include any content from an uploaded PowerPoint slide deck.
3. Select the language and AI model, review and make any edits, then export your finished AI-generated video.

The key benefits of Deepbrain's AI video creator include:

•Easily find a custom AI avatar suited to your brand. The tool offers over 100 avatars and can generate custom ones.

•An intuitive, easy-to-use interface that is accessible for beginners. No experience required.

•Significant time savings compared to traditional video production. The AI handles shooting and editing the video.

•Cost savings from streamlining the full video creation process.

The AI reduces effort and resources needed.In summary, Deepbrain has developed an artificial intelligence video generation tool that can instantly turn a text script into a professional video using customized AI avatars. With minimal work required, the AI system can save both time and money while enabling anyone to produce high-quality video content through an simple automated process and easy-to-use platform.

Deepbrain aims to make the power of AI available to all for creating videos quickly and affordably.

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Synthesys is a leading AI company that develops advanced text-to-speech and video generation technology for commercial use. Their goal is to help creators and businesses easily enhance video content like explainer videos, tutorials and social media clips in a matter of minutes.

Synthesys relies on their proprietary Text-to-Video engine to convert text scripts into dynamic and professional-looking video presentations. Users can have Synthesys generate videos featuring lip-synced AI avatars just by typing a script, with no need for filming or cameras.  To create a video, you simply choose one of Synthesys' 74 "Humatar" avatars, type your script in your preferred language, and the AI will produce a high-quality video with speech and animation synced to your script. Synthesys supports 66+ languages and has a range of 254 unique voice styles.

Key features of Synthesys include:

• 74 realistic Humatar AI avatars to choose from
• Support for 66+ languages and 254 voice styles for the avatars
• Ideal for quickly generating explainer videos, eLearning content, social media clips, product demos, and more
• An easy-to-use interface for editing and rendering videos
• High resolution, professional-grade video output
• Full customization options for a tailored experience


VEED is an online video editing platform that makes it easy for anyone to create customized videos for social media and other uses. No prior experience is required and there is no software to download - everything works right in your web browser.

With VEED, you can generate unique videos by customizing elements like:

•Text including fonts, colors, styling, etc.
• Music and audio
• Themes and templates for different messaging or styles
• A key feature of VEED is the ability to automatically transcribe your video files with a single click.   Just upload your video and download the resulting text transcript.  Thousands of content creators rely on VEED to produce video content for various platforms.  The tool is free to use and only requires an internet connection to get started.  

The main benefits of VEED include:

• Customizing videos with text, fonts, music, themes and other options
• One-click video transcription to easily get a text version of your footage
• No experience or software required - everything works in your browser
• Free to use for content creators and businesses
• Used by thousands worldwide to make videos for social media and more
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InVideo simplifies video creation with ready-made templates that you can quickly customize even if you’ve never done it before.

5000+ professionally- created templates

Discover templates for any use case. Search by platform, industry or content type. Customize a template for your brand using simple drag-drop-replace actions.

Record a voiceover for your video or convert text to speech.
Add your team and collaborate on your video.
Add bespoke graphic assets

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Plan and execute a video content strategy that will significantly increase your brand’s exposure, awareness and engagement.

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#8. is an artificial intelligence company that produces automated video creation software. Their platform uses AI to generate professional videos at scale from text input. With just a few clicks, you can turn a blog post, article or script into a polished video. was founded by experts in AI and machine learning with the goal of simplifying video production using new technologies. Their software can automatically generate videos for training, marketing, social media, and more without the need for human actors, voiceovers or editing.

To make a video with, you simply input the text content you want turned into a video, select one of their video templates, review the AI's draft and then download your finished video file. The AI handles translating the text into an animated video with synthesized speech, motion graphics, visuals, and music. You can then customize the video as needed before downloading.

Key features of include:

• Automated video generation at scale. Easily produce many videos in a short time.

• Video creation from text content. Turn blog posts, articles, or scripts into videos.

• Support for over 60 languages and 25 virtual presenters. Reach global audiences and select an avatar to narrate your video.

• Ideal for training videos, social media content, and marketing. The AI optimizes videos for each use case.

• A user-friendly creative process. With just a few clicks, get a video output from inputting your text. No technical skills required.

• Advanced artificial intelligence powers the platform. was built by experts in machine learning, natural language processing, speech synthesis, and automation.

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Summary: 8 Tools Creating Synthetic Media

AI video generation is an emerging field with promising applications as well as risks and concerns to consider.  AI has enabled machines to emulate human creativity in visual media, but will AI ultimately work with or replace human creators?  Continued progress in AI video generation is poised to reshape animation, filmmaking, and media in the decades to come.

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