5 Uses of Generative AI for Fostering Information Security Operations.

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5 Uses of Generative AI for Fostering Information Security Operations.
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Generative AI is increasingly being utilized in information security operations, offering a range of applications that enhance security measures and streamline operations.

Here are five notable uses with references:

  1. Secure Authentication in AIoT Applications: Generative AI integrates blockchain-envisioned secure authentication frameworks, offering improved security compared to traditional mechanisms. This approach is particularly effective in AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) applications, ensuring secure and reliable authentication processes (Wazid, Das, & Park, 2021).
  2. Optimizing Cybersecurity in Thermal Power Plants: In thermal power plant operations, generative AI is used to optimize cybersecurity frameworks. By analyzing simulation model data, it enhances the security of these critical infrastructure systems (Ala Abdelrazaq Alhammadi et al., 2022).
  3. Automation and Intelligent Data Handling: Generative AI automates data handling and preprocessing, efficiently managing the vast amount of information produced in our increasingly connected and digitalized world. This automation is crucial for coping with large datasets and complex information structures in information security operations (Hartmann & Steup, 2020).
  4. Enhancing Network Intrusion Detection Systems: Generative AI improves network intrusion detection by generating synthetic data to simulate minor attack traffic. This application significantly boosts the performance of intrusion detection systems, making them more robust against a variety of cyber threats (Park et al., 2023).
  5. Fraud Detection and Maritime Surveillance: In addition to its use in fraud detection, generative AI is also applied in maritime surveillance, including satellite imagery analysis. It aids in the identification of vessel types and detects out-of-class vessels, enhancing security in the maritime domain (Bastian, 2021).

In conclusion, the integration of generative AI into information security operations marks a significant advancement in enhancing cybersecurity measures across various sectors. These applications not only optimize existing security frameworks, but also pave the way for innovative solutions to emerging security challenges.

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