Maximize your Cloud Run investments with new committed use discounts

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One of the key benefits of Cloud Run is that it lets you pay only for what you use, down to 100 millisecond granularity. This is ideal for elastic workloads, notably workloads that can scale to zero or that need instant scaling. However, the traffic on your website or API doesn’t always need this kind of elasticity. Often, customers have a steady stream of requests, or the same daily traffic pattern, resulting in a predictable spend for your Cloud Run resources.

To help address these use cases, today, we’re introducing self-service spend-based committed use discounts for Cloud Run, which let you commit for a year to spending a certain amount on Cloud Run and benefiting from a 17% discount on the amount you committed.

After you purchase a Cloud Run committed use discount, it automatically applies to all aggregated Cloud Run CPU, memory, and request usage in a region, across all projects in your billing account.

An example

How do committed use discounts for Cloud Run work? Let’s take an example.

Assume that you’re running a few services on Cloud Run in Oregon (us-west1), serving user requests with a consistent daily traffic pattern, resulting in a predictable pattern on your bill:

committed use discounts for Cloud Run.jpg

As you can see in the above image, the Cloud Run cost per hour is $1 or above most of the time. In that case, it’s more economical for you to commit to spending $1 per hour on Cloud Run for one year in us-west1 across all your projects. With the 17% discount, you are then charged a minimum of $1 * 83% = $0.83 per hour for the whole year, independently of your actual usage. Then, at times when the cost per hour exceeds your committed price, you still benefit from the discount rate. Thus, in the above example, at 1PM, Cloud Run pricing is $1.50 for this region before the committed use discount. In that case, you only pay 1*83%+(1.5-1) = $1.33 for this hour.

Get started today

Cloud Run is an easy-to-use platform for running container-based workloads that need to scale up and down on demand. And now, with committed use discounts for Cloud Run, you benefit from predictable costs as well. To purchase a committed use discounts for your Cloud Run services, open the Cloud Console Billing page, select the Commitments tab, then select the PURCHASE action at the top:

purchase use discount.jpg

Check out our documentation for more details on Cloud Run committed use discounts. For Cloud Run pricing information, take a look at our pricing page.

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